Need something quick, contact Nick at (937) 751-2136.

Nick Smith

Professional photographer and commercial drone photographer.

Welcome!  I am a professional photographer based in Dayton, Ohio, USA.  I use mirrorless cameras as well as drones being a Remote Pilot with sUAS rating (Part 107) in my photography, both personally and professionally.  My goal is to share my love of photography with everyone.  I want to inspire people as much as I have been and continue to be inspired by the many great people and great places I have met and been along this incredible photography journey.

I have always loved photography and the emotions that photography brings out of both animate and inanimate subjects.  I have been at this great photography journey since I was a kid with polaroids, and then the digital point and shoot camera became a thing.  I started there with a small point and shoot, then progressed to a zoom DSLR type point and shoot with some more functions and used these mostly for just family and travel photos for get togethers, holidays, and trips.  When I received my 1st drone, it changed my photography life.  I could not believe the different views, even from a few dozen feet above me.  Today, I use my drones and full frame mirrorless cameras together on any shoot.  I love getting the different angles and the ones just out of reach with the drone.

My photography is moody.  I love capturing the feeling I had at the time of the shot, whether it be the intensity of a sports shoot, the emotions of a life event, the 1 in 10 smile, the colors of the sky, the story of the scene, etc.  Some of my favorite photos are of rural landscapes and rural life.  I just love capturing the stories out in the rural communities that have been around for a long time.

My main focus is on photography that allows me to use both the camera and the drone together and show my mood and story.  I do it in my portraits and headshots.  In my commercial shoots for marketing, this helps get that story across to keep interest.  In event photography, I love getting that emotion of the moment like a shot on a soccer goal, the emotions portrayed in a dance by the dancers, or the life event like a wedding.

I hope you enjoy all I offer in my galleries and portfolio.  I would love to hear your thoughts on my work as well!

Need something quick, contact Nick at (937) 751-2136.