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Drone Services

Professional, insured drone services provided using some of the latest equipment available on the market.  Services include: photography, videography, cinematic, FPV (First Person View), mapping, orthomosaic, fly throughs, etc.  What sets us apart from other drone service providers?  The ability to deliver multiple video formats including Apple ProRes and CineRAW formats in up to 8K resolution with varying focal lengths via our DJI Inspire 2.  These services include fully edited or unedited content and can be stand alone or included in any of our other services such as portraits, sports, events, real estate, inspection, construction, marketing, etc.   Contact Nick for a personal quote prepared just for you.

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Portraits & Headshots

You need portraits or professional headshots with a twist?  This service is a must for the following: single, family, groups, graduation, senior photos, headshots, corporate headshots, formal, candid, indoor, outdoor, etc.  The twist?  Angles most photographers can't get.  Why? With the use of drones to complement ground photos, angles not thought of before can be achieved for that special look.  Contact Nick for a personal quote and standard packages.

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Commercial & Marketing Services

So you need something that pops.  Everyone says they can get great angles by just moving around.  NO!  You need someone with the latest technology to capture every angle.  This means using ground equipment and aerial equipment to get multiple views and angles, whether it is inside or outside.  Commercial and marketing services provided do this from the field work to get the photos and video needed all the way through post production for final photos and video. Videos up to 5K in resolution include music, voiceovers, etc. as needed using Final Cut Pro.  Contact Nick now for more information and to get your own personalized quote for your next project.

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Event, Sports Services

Recitals, team events, photo day, weddings, family gatherings, corporate outings, dance competitions, sports competitions and games are just some of the many event photography and video services provided.  Experience includes small to large events.  Some include collaboration with other companies to provide services to organizations like the PGA Tour, American Athletic Football Conference, and Toledo Walleye.  The attention to detail and ability to capture that mood of the moment is what every client will get and deserves.  Your event type isn't listed?  Get more information by contacting Nick now!

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Real Estate Services

Real estate services include indoor and outdoor photography and video of property.  This can be for the small residential property to commercial and even large land tracts.  Our top of the line drones services with this provide the best and most economical solution for your real estate needs.  Previous and continued clients include residential and commercial realtors as well as land auctioneers.  Contact Nick now for your personalized quote and more information.

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Stock Photos & Video

Stock photos and video, up to 4K, are available through many different services, including right on the website.  Visit any of the galleries for availability and cost for both commercial and private use.  Don't see something on the galleries?  Check out my stock profiles at the following sites:



Still missing it, contact Nick now to have specific footage or photos shot for you.

Editing Services

Editing services are available as needed.  This also includes creation of animated logos, intros, etc.  Expert level service is provided for anything from photo restoration to video editing.  Scanners are available to put those old photos into a digital format.  We work with at variety of photo codecs and formats including jpg, png, eps, many different RAW formats.  Video formats and codecs include H.264, H.265, MP4, MOV, ProRes, etc.  Photo editing is completed using the Adobe Suite with Lightroom and Photoshop.  Video editing and conversion to different codecs is accomplished through Final Cut Pro X with plug-ins for Apple Motion and Compressor.  Logo animation, title intros, and other items are completed with Motion and other software.  Contact us for specific information.

Need something quick, contact Nick at (937) 751-2136.